Center for Community Change

1536 U Street NW
Washington, DC

Mission: The mission of the Center for Community Change is to build the power and capacity of low-income people, especially low-income people of color, to have a significant impact in improving their communities and the policies and institutions that affect their lives.

Grants Made
Fiscal Year Amount Grant Type Description
2015-16 $125,000 General Support
2014-15 $125,000 General Support
2013-14 $125,000 General Support
2013-14 $35,000 Project Grant Young Invincibles
2012-13 $125,000 General Support
2011-12 $125,000 General Support
2011-12 $40,000 Project Grant Progressive Economic Agenda Project
2010-11 $200,000 General Support
2009-10 $200,000 General Support
2008-09 $350,000 General Support