Network Education Program

24 E St NW, Suite 200
Washington, DC 20011

Mission: Through faith-based educational resources and programs related to public policy, NETWORK Education Program (NEP) engages people in envisioning and working toward a just and equitable society. NEP facilitates nonpartisan issues analysis, skills development for responsible citizenship, and faith reflection on political ministry. We incorporate Catholic Social Teaching in all of our education work.

Grants Made

Fiscal Year Amount Grant type Grant description
2017-18 $30,000 General Support NETWORK Advocates for Catholic Social Justice
2016-17 $30,000 Project Grant
2015-16 $42,500 General Support
2014-15 $35,000 General Support
2013-14 $35,000 General Support
2012-13 $20,000 General Support
2012-13 $35,000 General Support
2011-12 $50,000 General Support
2010-11 $25,000 General Support
2009-10 $35,000 General Support
2008-09 $50,000 General Support